Olive Oil

Olive oil is not only good for your body but for your skin,too. Olive oil can be used in many different ways to heal dry skin, help maintain elasten in skin, condition and add shine to hair. For dry skin massage a small amount of olive oil on dry area. For a body scrub mix olive oil and sugar together, use in shower to soften skin. Be careful not to slip in the tub. For hair warm up olive oil for a hot oil treatment (not to hot), pour on hair and leave on for 20 to 30 minutes then wash and condition.

Baby Leg Warmers

If you have a crawling baby you know that their litlle knees get red and even though they don't seem in pain you wish there was something you can do. Baby leg warmers are great for protecting your babies legs when crawling. They also make changing diapers in the colder wealther a whole lot easier. They come in mamy different colors and prints and they are not just for little girls. You can find them at many stores online and in your area.

Homemade Baby Food

Homemade baby food is really easy to make as well as less expensive then store bought baby food. You don't need to go out and buy a bunch of appliance's either. All you need is a blended and ice cube trays. Wholesome baby food is a website that can answer all the questions you have about making baby food. It have recipes for different ages, what food to give your baby first, to how to pick out a ripe fruit or vegetable. It's a great tool to refer to if you have any questions.

Customize Your Radio Station

Do you hate when your listening to the radio and there are more commercials than songs? I know I do! Pandora.com is a wonderful website because it allows your to make your own radio station by only playing the music you pick. It's completely free and is easy to use.


This is so funny and so true. This pacifier would be a great baby shower gift or just for your little one to get even more attention, if that's possible.

Burt's Bee

Natural is the best! Especially on our little one's sensitive skin. Their are so many chemicals in our skin products. Bad chemicals like parabens that mimic estrogen and it's a known fact that what you put on your skin goes into your body. So my advice is to try to always use natural products on yours children skin and your self. Your whole family should try to do this. I know its a little more money to get the natural products, but who can put a price tag on their health? Burt's Bee's is all natural and have skin care for the whole family. Another company that offers great natural products is Arbonne. I use the Arbonne RE9 Anti-aging. I know a consultant if you were interested. www.arbonne.com

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's is a great grocery store if you like healthy food. A lot of people think they are expensive but they are not. They have great prices on their produce. I went there today and their bananas were $.19 a lb. It’s not a very big store but they offer a lot of great food that is good for you and is inexpensive.

Lily Padz

Nursing your baby is a wonderful thing, the only thing that's not is the nursing pads. They make your breasts look lumpy and then after a while you start to smell like sour milk. Well, now there is finally a nursing pad that doesn't do that. These are great because they suction cup to your nipple, they stop the milk from coming out. You can even sleep without at bra a night. http://www.lilypadz.com/

Trade books you don't want for one's you do

Do you have any old books that you don't want any more? Would you like to get books, DVDs, or CDs in return for your old books? Then you want to visit Swaptree. You can trade your old books, DVDs and CDs that you don't want anymore for one's you've wanted to get.

Germ Guardian

One thing I don't mind spending money on is products that will keep my family safe and healthy. Germ Guardian uses UV-C technology which kills 99% of bacteria and they has taken this technology made air sanitizers, toy sanitizer, and much more. These are great to have now that the flu season is starting.

Gifts to Grow

Having a baby brings along with it lots of dirty diapers. Pampers has a program Gifts to Grow where you can earn free gifts.When you buy Pampers diapers or wipes there is a sticker with a code on it and all you have to do is enter the code online at http://www.pampers.com/. I think its a great program because you have to buy diapers anyways but now you can get something in return not just a full diaper that needs to be changed.

Pop Art

Make your child a piece of art. This company is really awesome, they turn your photo into pop art. It is over hundred dollars to turn your little one in to a piece of art you can hang on your wall but would be great for a Christmas or Birthday gift. www.allpopart.com

Food Allgeries

We all know of peanut allergies but some kids are allergic to dairy and soy products. A lot of adults and kids that are allergic to dairy use soy milk as an alternative to dairy. But for some kids they are very limited to what they can eat due to their allergy. There are a few products out there for these allergies like rice milk and almond milk but I find that the coconut milk taste the best. Turtle Mountain sells milk, ice cream, and yogurt made out of coconut milk and they taste wonderful!

Halloween Costumes

Thinking about buying a Halloween costume but nothing looks cute to you? Martha Stewart has great costume ideas. They are easy to make and don't cost that much.

The Rad Cover

I found these shopping cart covers on Etsy. Etsy is a web site where you can sell your creation. Its like Ebay but without the fees and you don't bid on items. I think they cost just as much as most shopping cart covers. Now you can look cool while you shop!

Resale Shops

My advice on buying baby clothes is used is better. Take all the hand me downs you can get and shop at resale shops. It saves soooo much money. Babies grow so fast it seems like a waste to spend $15 plus on an outfit they will wear maybe 3 times. I shop at resale shops all the time. There clothes are like brand new but 1/3 the price and when your baby grows out of their clothes sell those to the resale shop. I also shop at resale shops for myself. If you find a great resale shop you can get Seven jeans which are at least $120 plus for $30. Here's a link to Other Mothers resale shops that are in a few states.